Gemma has trained me pre pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy (C section). In all the different stages she has been exceptional at asking the right questions, listening and designing the best possible training programme for my body, goals and confidence level. Gemma’s training helped me lose weight, tone, strengthen my core and other muscles and regain confidence in my body and physical abilities. Our sessions were also a great positive mood booster! In addition There were the super bonuses of fitting the sessions around my schedule including taking my baby along in the buggy and of having a good friend and confidante in Gemma. Thank you Gemma!

 Gemma is an outstanding personal trainer. She takes a scientific approach to her work, and is constantly developing different exercises and combinations. No two sessions with Gemma are ever the same – and  training is always the right mixture of challenging and fun.
 Gemma has supported me though pregnancy and post-pregnancy twice, helping me to lose weight sensibly and sustainably and really increase my fitness levels. I can’t recommend Gemma highly enough!

Gemma is a fantastic personal trainer. Her training sessions are a mix of fun and hard work. If you think exercising is boring, I can ensure you, Gemma will prove you wrong. Having done her sessions, I never felt like they were repetitive. She always made me look forward to the new week and new workouts and leave with a big smile on my face (and sometimes with achey legs…).

I have achieved so much thanks to Gemma. She has not only made me love exercising again, but she has also helped me to change my whole lifestyle. My eating habits are much better, I am more energised and sleeping much better. I started to work with Gemma in September 2015 and by the end of the year I had already lost so much weight that I needed a whole new wardrobe, including new smaller size gym clothes!
No matter if you want to lose weight or just get fit, Gemma is the one who will help you achieve all your goals and have fun while doing it.

To say the Holistic Core Restore course has been beneficial is an understatement. I feel better in myself, lighter, lots more energy, positive and it has really helped to keep my tendency towards low moods in check. The knowledge that Gemma has of women’s bodies is incredible and it is so nice for someone to actually understand how things are after childbirth.

Gemma will not only help you reach your goal she will make it fun too. Her Saturday class was the cornerstone of my diary. There are so many good things about Gemma’s classes but most importantly she is excellent at finding alternative exercises for anyone experiencing aches and pains. I have periodically sore knees and RSI in my wrists, Gemma always finds a way to help me get a sweat on without exacerbating an injury.

Gemmas classes are highly inspirational and invigorating and her teaching technique is very motivating, encouraging and supportive.

Class format is tough,  it really works your body as a female, core, legs and butt- a  superb strengthener and a real burner.
Complete endorphin rush and I always feel so elated after my training sessions with Gemma.
Thank you for keeping my mind and body in great shape!

Ten years ago I was a very lazy person. After my sons birth I became a lazy and heavy person but still with no intention whatsoever to work out. I hated working out. Then I met Gemma. She started working out with me on a yoga mat in Hyde Park. One day she brought along her boxing gloves and that’s where I got hooked;)  
Gemma is extremely knowledgeable when It comes to body, anatomy, nutrition, and what to do if you have injuries. She is constantly evolving and educating herself and in turn you never get bored with her ever changing programs. Her patience showed results. Soon I looked different and felt different all thanks to her professional and motivational methods.  
Gemma is extremely flexible, honest and has a fantastic personality. We have become very good friends and I very much look forward to my weekly workout sessions. I would strongly recommend her, whether you are a lazy beginner or a well trained sporty person, she will meet your needs. All in all you are extremely lucky if you have Gemma as your personal trainer!

Cherrelle – Female National ABA Champion 
Gemmas training is none I have experience and I’ve done all kinds of training. I would recommend anybody go. She can definitely take u from a 1-10.  Gemma as a personal trainer has strengthened me as a boxer in all areas from cardio, core strength, nutriton and even the mental side of things. 

I won the nationals 2012 December and have to say that she was one of the people that made a big impact on this happening. I couldn’t have done it without her. I honestly believe that I will not be able to progress my fitness, nutrition and sport without her.

I attended Gemma’s classes every Saturday for a couple of years while she was in London and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I owe Gemma a lot – I never worked out or found exercise enjoyable before I discovered Gemma’s classes but her energy and enthusiasm is completely contagious! So much thought goes into her every class. She always managed to keep it fresh and fun (so, so much fun!) while still pushing us to challenge ourselves and reach our own personal goals. Gutted she’s no longer local but I still get to enjoy every pop up class she does when she’s in town You won’t find a more dedicated, passionate and brilliantly dynamic trainer. 

I have been going to Gemma’s classes for a couple of years and during that time my body shape and attitude to fitness have completely evolved. I have never been able to find a better instructor/trainer! Her classes are so fun and she puts so much effort into planning them and including new exercises and activities. I look forward to classes and always walk (or crawl) away completely exhausted but with a huge smile on my face. She is very sensitive to individual needs and is not afraid to push you when she knows that you can get more out of yourself. Thank you Gemma – its been inspiring!