Post Natal and Pelvic Floor

There is so much pressure these days for new mum’s to get back to pre-baby shape within a few weeks. This is heightened with the advent of social media and an unhealthy focus on unrealistic body image. With Gemma’s post natal sessions she promotes health & healing – from the inside out.  Based in Fishbourne in a calm, relaxing environment the sessions have one focus and that is YOU.

Whether you are newly post natal or way beyond the baby stage, Gemma provides sessions with a basis of pelvic floor and core healing that will build your strength and progress you on to full fitness.  

Perhaps your post-natal healing is well under way and you want to get back onto or step up the fitness ladder, or you are struggling with pelvic floor issues or diastasis recti healing (tummy gap, more commonly known as ‘mummy tummy’), Gemma will work with you to get you back on track and reach your own personal goals.  

If you are:

  • Post natal and seeking professional guidance for starting your fitness journey or a stepping stone to get back to your exercise routine;
  • Experiencing the all too common sneeze & pee and need help rectifying this;
  • Struggling to shift your ‘mummy tummy’ (which could in itself be a sign of diastasis recti); or
  • Have been told you have diastasis recti (tummy gap)

…then Gemma can help you.

Post natal sessions are available in blocks of 5 or 10 and include:

  • a diastasis check;
  • food diary review and nutritional advice;
  • exercise homework which will be recommended for between sessions. 

The sessions themselves are bespoke so will vary according to individual needs & may include abdominal/c-section/relaxation massages.

All Post natal sessions are held in Fishbourne, Chichester.

Post Natal and Pelvic Floor
Post Natal and Pelvic Floor

“Gemma’s training helped me lose weight, tone, strengthen my core and other muscles and regain confidence in my body and physical abilities.”
Chloe – London

“This was brilliant for toning up my pelvic floor and general strengthening of my core following 2 children. I feel like my body is much closer to how it was before I had children in terms of general muscle tone.”
Kate – Winchester