Baby Steps to Fitness

Having studied and qualified in post natal exercise prescription, Gemma has used her education and knowledge as well as her own birth trauma to design a 6-week post natal return to fitness package.

Focus is on mobility & breathing, pelvic floor and core, functional strength, stretch, relaxation & education. Learn the how’s and the why’s, what you can or already do in daily life to help or hinder your journey – this is especially important for those suffering from a small diastasis recti or mild pelvic floor dysfunction.  Workout at your own pace and follow online workouts between classes, readily broken into manageable short sections. Receive tips on optimum nutrition for health and post natal recovery and importantly take a few minutes to simply relax. The end goal is not bikini body ready, it IS functional healing post birth.

  • 1x group session per week (max 6 ladies) 
  • Home workout videos broken into do’able short sections 
  • Email/phone/text support between classes 
  • Audio led relaxation from Dr Alison Armstrong, founder of Present Minds
  • Nutrition tips 
Baby Steps to Fitness


“There are so many amazing elements…amazing food tips, amazing ability to provide great advice but never judge, the gentle start back to fitness at your level, the warm, friendly and fun environment created. I really enjoyed the course and have learnt much more about my body post partum” – Kate

A food diary will be requested to allow for individual nutritional tips. 

Baby Steps to Fitness is a great starting point for movement & recovery post birth, a precursor to a more generalised post natal or exercise class.  The course can be started any time after your 6 week medical check or if you are seeing a physiotherapist post birth, as soon as you have been given clearance to partake in gentle exercise.

Available on a 1-2-1 or small group (max 6) basis.

Starts Wed 7th November 10.30 am in Fishbourne 

Please contact Gemma for any questions or to book on.
Tel: 07940 367856

“I loved the lighthearted atmosphere of the class.  I felt safe, comfortable and we had a good laugh during the sessions.  Although my little girl is small anyway, I feel like I’ve grown stronger as she’s grown heavier.  I really enjoyed the course” – Fiona

“It’s an amazing course and I am so glad I found it.  It’s exactly what I needed after having my baby as it has made me think about not just exercise but also diet and relaxation. Gemma is so knowledgeable about post natal fitness and really tailors her advice in exactly the way you need after having a baby.” – Steph