Baby Steps to Fitness

Having studied and qualified in post natal exercise prescription, Gemma has used her education and knowledge as well as her own birth trauma to design a 6-week post natal return to fitness package.

Focus is on mobility & breathing, pelvic floor and core, functional strength, stretch, relaxation & education. Learn the how’s and the why’s, what you can or already do in daily life to help or hinder your journey – this is especially important for those suffering from a small diastasis recti or mild pelvic floor dysfunction. Receive tips on optimum nutrition for health and post natal recovery and importantly take a few minutes to simply relax. The end goal is not bikini body ready, it IS functional healing post birth.

What you get:
  • 1x group session per week (max 8 ladies) 
  • Email/phone/text support between classes 
  • Video home workouts broken into do’able short sections 
  • Audio led relaxation from Dr Alison Armstrong, founder of Present Minds
  • Nutrition tips 

Baby Steps to Fitness
A food diary will be requested to allow for individual nutritional tips. For those who need additional help with nutrition Gemma can recommend a nutritionist if this help is sought.

Gemma’s Baby Steps To Fitness is a great starting point for movement & recovery post birth, a precursor to a more generalised post natal or exercise class.  The course can be started any time after your 6 week medical check or if you are seeing a physiotherapist post birth, as soon as you have been given clearance to partake in gentle exercise.

Baby Steps To Fitness is available on a 1-2-1 or small group (max 8) basis. 

Next Group Course:21st February 2018 
10.30 – 11.30 am, Chichester 
(usual Cost £90)
*A £10 refundable deposit is payable for equipment hire for the 6 weeks.  Alternatively the kit can be bought for £10.

Please contact Gemma for any questions or to book on.
Baby Steps to Fitness
Baby Steps to Fitness